April 9, 2019

BMG: Central City Villains Arrive (Grodd Crew, Shaman, King Shark)

Last Sunday I placed an order with Miniature Market for a new 'Grodd Crew', 'Shaman', and a 'King Shark' and finally yesterday afternoon my package arrived (after sitting at a USPS for three days before it moved again).  Miniature Market uses UPS Innovations and it just takes forever to receive a package.

Anyways, I now have the start of a Central City Villains list that I may be playing at MuseOn Con this May.  I still prefer 'Green Arrow' as my Leader, so it will be a tough decision, I just do not think we have enough cheap Henchmen to go with a 'Green Arrow' list, I may have to see what models my son has.  If I decide to do a Team Arrow list (from the new Teams section) there are no Henchmen is the list, just name characters, so the points add up pretty quickly and it will be tough to even get 3 characters in the list at 250 Rep (I will not be playing in the 350 Rep event).

I plan to start painting these guys this week so hopefully over the next week or two you will see them completed here.


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