April 7, 2019

Battle Report: Aristeia! 4/6/2019 (Assault)

Yesterday afternoon my son and got to complete our first full game of Aristeia! and it was interesting, a good interesting.  Even though the game is played with only 4 models, there is still a lot of information on those 4 player cards that we are still learning and processing which made the game last longer, along with still learning the actual rules of the game and trying to figure out how "Cover" works (which I believe we finally figured out).

Just like our previous 1 Round game a few days ago, the Scenario was 'Assault' and I was the Green Team which consisted of 'hEXx3r', 'Maximus', 'Major Lunah', and 'Parvati'.  My son was the Orange Team which had 'Wild Bill', 'Gata', '8-Ball', and 'Miyamoto Mushashi'.  The next time we get a full game in, we will swap the Teams around and each play with a new 4 before we start to open up any of the expansion boxes.

Round 1: I scored 3 VP (3-0)
Round 2: my son scored 3 VP (3-3)
Round 3: went back to me with a 3 VP (6-3)
Round 4: we each scored 1 VP (7-4)
Round 5: we each scored 1 VP (8-5)

Green Team WINS!


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