March 28, 2019

Daily Chronicle: AdeptiCon 2019 Day 1 3/27/2019

Day 1 for AdeptiCon was mainly a travel day for my son and I.  We left Michigan around noon our time and made it slowly towards the Chicagoland area.

On our way we stopped at a gaming store in Lemont called Gamestorm that I had heard about to check out the store and see what they have in stock.  I knew they carried a decent range of Warmachine/Hordes models so I wanted to check to see if they had any of the new Circle models for mys son.  Sure enough they did, they had the new Warlock, 'Iona the Unseen', so we purchased her a few bottle of paint and got back into the car.

We arrived to the hotel sometime around 3:00 PM and proceeded to check-in and luckily our room was ready for us, then it was just the usual of unloading the car.

Once we were all settled it was time to go downstairs and get the lay of the land, similar to last years setup.  We ran into Jeff Chua, one of the founders of AdeptiCon and a gaming friend from back in the day and we chatted for awhile to catch up.  We did talk about the expansion of AdeptiCon and there is not really any more venues that AdeptiCon cold move into besides the convention center in Rosemont (which because of the union, the badge prices would have to double).   I did not want to keep him to occupied since he looked busy still setting everything up so we then parted our ways.

Toledo Game Room was already setup outside the main vendor hall with their tables selling items and we went over to check what they had.  I did purchase a Guild Ball pin which was 40% off and couple of the new Citadel painting handles in 50mm.

We then proceeded fo an earlier dinner so we could come back for badge check-in to one of my favorite restaurants in the area, Yu's Mandarin, back from the day when I used to work up here.

After dinner it was about time for AdeptiCon badge pick up and the line was forever long.  We decided to catch a movie in the room (Tag) and then check the line afterwards.  That was a smart idea, when we headed back down, there basically was no line and we walked right up to the "U-Z" line.

I only purchased one swag bag this year, there was no need for us to have double the items, and to be honest I do not think we will be using any of it.  Warhammer Underworlds is a thought, but the models are not do anything for me.  TANKS is also an option and something I had thought about.  I am glad Steamforged Games included an item, but it is the first Farmer's Guild box which I already have.  The big item in the bag was the starter set A Song Of Ice & Fire from CMON, this box set retails for $150.00  The box says the game is played in 45-60 minutes, so this may be an option, I am looking for the quick play games.

OK.... time to get ready for Day 2.


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