April 22, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #16

Week number 16 for 2019 was actually pretty decent in the modeling area of my hobby.  With my son being gone for the week, I did not get a chance to get any games in, but the modeling then picked up.

Recently I have been on a kick to paint Batman Miniature Game (while I still wait for my Cook's Guild) so I was on role this past week for BMG and also able to get some models prepped for the game.  'Deathstroke' and the 'Blackgate Prisoners' were completed, along with a new building for the gaming mat.  I then was able to start some work on 'Team Flash' and 'Killer Frost'.

This coming weekend is "Spring Fling 2019", one of the largest Guild Ball tournaments in the US and my friend and I are off to Virginia this Friday to play in the event.  I am hoping to possibly get in one more game of Guild Ball practice Wednesday night so it stays fresh with me over the weekend.  Besides that, I do not think there will be much time this week for another game.

Models Completed: 6
Games Played: 0


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