April 29, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #17 (Spring Fling Recap)

Well this past weekend was "Spring Fling 2019", one of the largest Guild Ball tournaments in the US and it was out in Ashburn, VA and my son and I made the drive out for the weekend.  The event was scheduled for 4 games on Saturday and 2 games on Sunday, unfortunately after Saturday was over my son and I were both 1-3 and he was leaning towards heading home on Sunday morning instead of playing 2 more games.  The drive with stops is about 11 hours, so I also did not mind coming home at a decent hour instead of 3:00 AM Monday morning.

As I said we both finished 1-3 for the event.  I had 3 very fun games (yes only 3 of 4), my first game against Mortician's was like one of my previous games against Alchemists.  The Morticians hid all in a corner all grouped together dropping rough grounds, -4" charge AOE's, -4" MOV plays and it was just no fun standing there not being able to do anything.  I do understand it is a tournament and it is do what you can at all costs to win, so he did.  I lost 4-12.

Once that put me in the loser bracket, the games were fun.  I should have won my second game, I was playing Order and I was winning 10-1 but the I clocked out and in the next 5 minutes I could not get 2 more VP's, so I lost on clock 10-12.

Game 3 was against Farmers, and boy did we have a good Scrum going, I did not realize the Farmer's can do that much damage and take out my Butcher's.... I am really considering making the switch to Farmer's once I get my 30th Butcher's game recorded on Longshanks.  I ended up losing this game 3-12.

Game 4 was against Alchemist's and I was dreading the Smoke Gun Line, boy I was shocked and my opponent was playing 'Midas'.  Very fun game, Alchemist's were able to score 2 Goals and I did 6 Taken Outs, but the game was going back and forth.  Butcher's won this 12-8.

So as stated above, at the end of Saturday I was sitting at 1-3.  Could I have won 1 more game if I played on Sunday....maybe... but I need to be on the wife's good side since I have 2 more tournaments over the next 2 weekends.

Here are just a few pics from the weekend.

 My Butcher's Guild

 My son's Hunter's Guild

 Bryce (Left) from SFG made the trip across the pond and won the event.

Maurice playing Farmers, this was a fun game.


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