April 14, 2019

Battle Report: Guild Ball 4/13/2019 Butcher's vs Blacksmith's

It has been just about two weeks since I last played a game of Guild Ball and that was at the Saturday AdeptiCon Championships.  Last weekend we were busy learning Aristeia! and re-learning Batman Miniature Game, but this weekend it was time to throw down some Guild Ball Game.

I have Spring Fling fast approaching at the the end of the month and need to get a few games in before going down.  Next weekend will be tough with my son being out of town, but I may be able to get in one more in a few days before heading to Spring Fling.

For yesterday's game I wanted to change thing up a bit from the last few games I was running with 'Veteran Boar' as my Captain, and go back to Ox especially versus a kicking team.  I am leaning towads running this list while receiving especially versus scoring teams.

The lineups for the Game were:

V Gutter
V Cinder

This game was different from how I usually play, and personally enjoyed myself while playing it.  Instead of getting 5-6 Taken Outs in a game, my Butcher' actually scored 2 Goals with 'Shank' while the Blacksmith's had 1 Goal.  I am not really sure yet if 'Tenderiser' was worth the slot in my lineup.  Yes he brought Influence to the game and held onto the ball for awhile, but besides that all he did was 4 damage, but maybe that is enough for him, it did provide the extra Influence to the rest of my team.

'Shank' ended up winning the game with a second Goal, but barely, 3 dice in Tap-in range and only hits one 3.

Butcher's won this one, 12-4.


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