April 20, 2019

BMG: 4Ground "North Point Tenement 2" Terrain

With my son being back in Arizona for the week, it has given me more time this weekend to hobby/model instead of playing.  I still had one building sitting on the shelf not built for the Batman Miniature Game, and this weekend was the perfect time to work on it.

The last building I had (all purchased at last years GenCon) was the North Point Tenement 2 from 4Ground which is part of their Gothic City line.

I started on the building last night after dinner and I was just able to finish it now.

The next time I get a chance to play BMG on our home table, I will have to evaluate the gaming mat and see how many more buildings we can fit in.

 One of our Huskies "Loki" seeing what's going on.

Painting Points: 10*
* assembly time


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