April 2, 2019

Aristeia!: Entering Into A New Game

One of the games I was interested in looking at before heading to AdeptiCon was a game called Arestia! by Corvus Belli.  Corvus Belli is well known for their game "Infinity" (which I hear is a very complex game) but I was looking for a game that my son and I can play quickly in an evening.  Each player controls 4 models on a HexaDome board and the game can be played in under a hour.

If you have been following my blog for awhile, I am a collector first, then I try to be a painter, and then I play the games.  Something about the characters looking 'comic book like' drew me into them and since Aristeia! is still a fairly new game, there are less than 30 models out for the game so it would not be to hard nor to expensive to collect them all, so that is what I did.

I purchased the Core Box which is for 2 Players and contains 8 models, and then all of the available expansions.  Corvus Belli was also selling the upcoming expansion "Chemical Brothers" so that was also added.



Soldiers of Fortune

Smoke and Mirrors

Human Fate

Legendary Bahadurs

Chemical Brothers
Sometime this week or weekend, my son and I will break open the boxes and slowly go through a started game and get more familiar with the rules.  I did play a demo round at AdeptiCon and enjoyed it very much, but I know there is much more to learn.

Stay tuned for future Battle Reports.


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