April 14, 2019

Battle Report: Aristeia! 4/13/2019 (Assault)

After our game of Guild Ball yesterday we had still had some time in the afternoon so we got the Aristeia! board ready for a game, this was only going to be our second time playing through a full game.

For this game, the Scenario was 'Assault' again (while we are still earning) and my son was the Green Team this time (a change from our first game) which consisted of 'hEXx3r', 'Maximus', 'Major Lunah', and 'Parvati'.  I was the Orange Team which had 'Wild Bill', 'Gata', '8-Ball', and 'Miyamoto Mushashi'.

We are still a little slow with our game play, but we really did speed things up since the last game.  We were able to finish all 5 Rounds in just under 2 hours.  This was the first time with 4 new models each so it does take a little time learning what the can do.  I am hoping we can eventually get this game down to an hour game play.

Well after 5 Rounds yesterday it was a close game and my Orange team lost the match to the Green team 7-6 (I missed out the win by only 1 space).

I am really looking forward to trying out some of the different scenarios.


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