April 11, 2019

BMG: Muse on Minis '"Mean Street Tokens'"

A year ago I had purchased some new tokens for Batman Miniature Game from Muse on Minis (only 1 set), and this past Monday I decided to order a second set so my son and I can each have their own.

Muse on Minis has them labeled as "Mean Streets" in their store (probably for licensing reasons), but they are for the Batman Miniature Game.  The tokens that I ordered were: 2 sided Blood/Stunned, 2 sided Knock Out/Knock Down, and 2 sided Ammo/Titan Dose.

I want to give a huge shout out to them for their quick shipping.  As stated above, I placed my order on Monday, and yesterday afternoon (2 days) my package arrived.  With this order I also added another set of movement sticks so we are not stealing any from Guild Ball.


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