April 8, 2019

Battle Report: BMG 4/7/2019 (Batman vs Green Arrow)

Yesterday my son walked me through another game of Batman Miniature Game, last time we played was back in September at the NOVA Open (open play) an it was time for a refresher course.

MuseOn Con at the end of May has 3 Batman events, and the two of us are going to be playing in 2 events.  Friday Night is "The Dark Knight" 250/$1000 and on Sunday is the "Dynamic Duo" 2 man teams 200/$500.  So for yesterdays practice we decided just to play with 200/$500.

My son played 'Batman' (Modern) and 'Robin' (Boy Wonder) and I went with 'Green Arrow' and 'Spartan'.

It took us awhile to set the board up as I wanted to go through each step slowly and try and learn/soak it all up, and then to glance over my 2 cards and make sure I understand what each of them could do.  Luckily I found a person that makes nice portrait shaped cards with some of the rules printed right on them so we do not have to search the rulebook constantly.

'Robin' activated first and walked into the middle of the alley and happened to be near a Lamppost.  'Green Arrow' used his Grapple Gun and went to the roof of the building and did his Multi Arrows (One Use) shot on 'Robin', 'Green Arrow' was very successful causing 6 Injury and making 'Robin' the first Casualty of the game.  'Batman' then decided to Grapple Gun to the same room and attack the 'Green Arrow' and easily casing a Knock Out to tie up the game 6-6.

Round 2 not much happened with the 'Green Arrow' as he failed his Recovery, so 'Batman' punched him some more now causing 3 Injury.  Spartan was able to score 2 points on an Objective.

Round 3 'Green Arrow' was able to get up this time and do a little damage to 'Batman' and Grapple Gun his way down to a 3 VP Objective, 'Spartan' took a shot at 'Batman' too, and 'Batman' came down to score points on an Objective, 11-8.

Round 4 'Batman' attacked 'Spartan', 'Spartan' attacked back and then walked away leaving 'Green Arrow' with a shot on 'Batman'.  'Batman' was near death as the 'Green Arrow' yelled out "Batman you have failed this city" and placed an arrow right through his heart for the killshot, no Ping rolls were able to save 'Batman'.  I scored 6 VP for the Casualty plus 3 for the Objective making the score 20-6.  I had then also scored 5 VP from the Scenario making the final tally 25-6.

With only 2 models on each side, it is not a good representation of a full game, with a lot of cheap Henchmen running around scoring VP's from Objectives, I am sure would change the game a lot.  I just wanted to get anther feeler for the game.

I do like 'Green Arrow' a lot, and plan on using him quite often, but I will also throw down with some of the Villains too.

I would also like to get in another game sooner than later so the rules can stick with me.  I have a 'Grodd Team' arriving today which I will work on assembling tonight, not sure if I will try them unpainted, or continue with 'Green Arrow' and then try 'Grodd' when he is painted.

We shall see.........


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