April 3, 2019

Battle Report: Aristeia! 4/2/2019 (Assault)

Last night my son and I opened up our new Aristeia! Core Set and started to go through the guide "How To Play Aristeia!".

For this first game, the Scenario was 'Assault' and I was the Green Team which consisted of 'hEXx3r', 'Maximus', 'Major Lunah', and 'Parvati'.  My son was the Orange Team which had 'Wild Bill', 'Gata', '8-Ball', and 'Miyamoto Mushashi'.

Unfortunately due to time restraints we were only able to play 1 Round, but in that Round, we both had 2 models in the Scoring Zone for 1VP each, so this game was a Draw.  Obviously since it was our first time playing and seeing what the player cards can do, it took us quite a bit of time.  We still have much more to learn in subsequent Rounds, so the plan is dedicated a bit more time for the next game and finish the game through (hopefully Friday night).


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