March 4, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #9

We are into the first week of March and the first quarter of the year is almost over and I seem to be behind in my gaming and way behind in my painting.

All honesty regarding  the painting, I am actually okay with that.  My main game that I am playing is Guild Ball, and my favorite Guild (Butcher's) and my son's Guild (Hunter's) are all completed (for now).  My Butcher's Guild will be receiving 'Veteran Boar' this week, and shortly there after I should be receiving 'Steeljaw' for the Hunter's, so both of these models will then hit the painting table.  I then need to decide what I am doing with the Cook's Minor Guild, I really want to have 'Roast' and 'Cinnamon' completed so they can play with the Butcher's, but then I might as well get the rest of the Cook's completed.

Last week was not actually too bad in both departments.  I was able to paint up the 3D Goals we received from Bourbon Trail Open IV, and I was able to get in games of Destiny, X-Wing and Guild Ball last week.  More than likely, gaming this week may repeat what was played last week.

Stay tuned this week for some of the new Guild Ball models that should be arriving any day.


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