February 27, 2019

Guild Ball: Bourbon Trail Open 'Goals'

It was very nice that the TO for Bourbon Trail Open IV provided the players with a little swag bag, and inside each bag were a pair of dice, a BTO IV button, and a custom painted 3D Goal.  The Goals I usually use for my Guilds are made from acrylic and have the Guilds logo on them, but it was nice to actually have a 3D Goal, and one in the shape of a Bourbon barrel.

Seeing how my son also received the same swag bag, I thought it would be nice to get both of these painted up and they can be used for future events.

 Dice and button from swag bag.

 Red for my Butcher's and Cook's, Green for my son's Hunter's and Alchemist's.

Painting Points: 10


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