March 21, 2019

X-Wing: Wave III Is Available Now

Today March 21st marks the release of Wave III for X-Wing 2.0.  Since the release of X-Wing 2.0 I have not really purchased that many new ships.  Back in Wave 1 I did purchase 'Lando's Millennium Falcon' and couple of 'Fang Fighters', but other than that, my son and I have been playing with our ships (with new upgrades) from 1.0.

There is not really too much also that interests me from today's release of Wave III except for maybe the 'Sith Infiltrator Expansion Pack', this one will come with a pilot card for 'Darth Maul'.

Seeing how AdeptiCon is less than a week away, more than likely any purchases my son and I make we will just wait for AdeptiCon.

Here is a list of ships for the the Wave III release:

Servants of Strife Squadron Pack


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