March 1, 2019

Guild Ball: March 1st Errata & Rulebook Changes

Today is a very busy day in the world of Guild Ball and we knew it has been coming for awhile, and now the time is here.

Here is a breakdown of everything that is announced/coming out today.

New Captains:  The Butcher's (Veteran Boar), Fisherman (Yukai), Hunter's (Steeljaw) and Mortician's (Mourn) all received a new Captain model that was released today (due to certain circumstances, the Hunter's Captain is delayed in shipping).  You can access their cards by going to the Guild Ball Resources Page.

New Minor Guild:  A new Minor Guild was also released today for the Engineer's Guild, and they are the Miner's.  You can grab their cards HERE.

Errata Changelog: Roughly about 30 Player Cards have been updated with the errata.  Each of the Guild's cards can be found on the Resource Page, and the changelog can be found HERE.

Season 4.1 Rulebook: A few clarifications were also made to the Rulebook, to read about those changes, please visit SFG blog, and the new Rulebook can be downloaded HERE.

Updated OPD: For the final update of the day, the Organized Play Document was slightly updated.  The Miner's Guild were added to the OPD, and the Butcher's Guild are no longer allowed to use Union models since the Cook's Minor Guild will be releasing in two weeks.

So it has been a very busy day for the Guild Ball, the Facebook Groups are all being flooded with comments.  I spent most of the morning getting the new cards ready to be printed, and more than likely we will be trying the new changes out tomorrow night.


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