March 20, 2019

Guild Ball: Re-Printing Single Sided Cards

Back in November I printed out single sided Guild Ball cards that a gentlemen in the UK had pieced together.  The single sided cards work great and I love them, but with the recent errata that was released a few weeks ago, some of the updated cards did not print right and some information were being cut off.

The images that this gentlemen pieced together were not planned to be printed on a photo 4x6 paper, but instead on printed on normal paper, trimmed and then laminated.  The cost and time of doing it that way is much more than just printing a photo 4x6.

After looking at some of the cards that were printed, my OCD in me kicked off and I needed to try and make these cards look better for photo 4x6 printing.

I tested it with the new Cook's Minor Guild and I loved how they came out, so yesterday I went ahead and tackled the remaining 16 Guilds and re-printed every single card all over again.

Now that I have the program and template all figured out, when Steamforged Games releases new cards, I have the process down pact and can easily get the single sided cards created.

I have the current Season 4 cards available HERE for anyone to download and print.

Example of old prints.

Example of new prints.

Side by side comparison.


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