March 11, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #10

I just wrapped up Week #10 for 2019 and once again it has been a so-so week.

Nothing was completed from the Painting Queue, but 'Veteran Boar' was assembled and some of the base colors are being applied.  My goal is to have him completed by AdeptiCon, but realistically it should not take that long, hopefully within the next week or two he should be completed.

I was happy to get in 2 games over the weekend, another refresher for X-Wing (which was a difficult loss) and another Guild Ball game with a 'Veteran Boar' stand-in.

This coming Saturday March 16th is my first event as a SFG Pundit and there will be a Guild Ball Tournament at Fantasy Games in South Bend, IN.

There are still 2 spots remaining and you can signup up on Longshanks.

I'll more than likely do a quick recap of the event on Sunday morning.

Other than that, only 16 days till AdeptiCon 2019, and I think it will be a pretty good time.


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