March 14, 2019

Battle Report: Guild Ball 3/13/2019 Navigator's vs Hunter's

Last night it was another game of Guild Ball, and I decided to give the Navigator's another try on the Pitch.

This time instead of playing with the box 6, I swapped out 'Horizon' for 'Angel' to help with a bit more scoring.  My son was practicing with his Hunter's once again, and his second time swapping 'Chaska' for 'Mataagi'.

V Minx

Proxy 'Horizon' for 'Angel', I was lazy to dig out the 'Angel' model.

I elected to Kick Off with 'Ebb' to get the match going.  This game was back and forth on the Pitch and on the Clock.  'Theron' used Pinned to stop an early Turn 1 Goal for my Navigators and it was no score after Turn 1 but a lot of clock was chewed up for both of us. 

Turn 2 the Hunter's were able to get Taken Outs on 'Ebb', 'Windfinder' and 'Azimuth', but the Navigator's were able to get a nice Goal with a linked 'Fathom'/'Angel' activation.  By the time Turn 2 was over, the clock had expired for the Hunter's and it was close for my Navigators's,  end of Turn 2 it was 7-6 Navigator's. 

Turn 3 the Hunter's did another Taken Out on 'Ebb' and the score was tied 8-8 and the extended 5:00 clock for the Hunter's had expired giving the Navigator's a 12-8 win.  We played out the next Activation and 'Angel' was able to easily retrieve the free ball and do a Tap-in shot on Goal and scored.


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