March 15, 2019

Guild Ball: Butcher's Guild 'Veteran Boar'

With the release of the four new Captains two weeks for Guild Ball, and one of them being a new Captain for my favorite Guild, the Butcher's Guild, it was only obvious that 'Veteran Boar' (also known as VCB) would be the first of the new Captains to hit my painting table.

The new Captain models are being produced in the new colored resin that Steamforged Games has switched too, eliminating their metal productions, and I am not a fan of the resin.  One of 'VCB's weapons easily snapped off his belt, and even back when I worked on 'Rookie Seenah', one of the collars had snapped on that model.  Some companies produce very nice resin models that are more sturdy (Privateer Press), but the resin that SFG is using is too soft/brittle.  I personally prefer their metals models first, followed by the PVC (plastic) models.  My Miner's models also are colored resin, we shall how they look like when it comes time to assembling them.

I really was in no rush to complete 'VCB', the only timeline I had was by the end of this month so I could use him at AdeptiCon 2019 (where the convention policy is that every model must be painted for every game system).  Once I had him assembled, a little paint here and there and finally yesterday afternoon he was completed.

 Veteran Captain Boar

 Veteran Captain Boar

Veteran Captain Boar

Painting Points: 2


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