March 25, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #12 (Week of AdeptiCon 2019)

"Monday, Monday, so good to me"
It was a pretty good week for me last week and this week will be even better with AdeptiCon 2019 starting in just 2 days on Wednesday.  Check-in begins Wednesday night and all the gaming and shopping begins on Thursday.

Let's recap week #12 first before we move onto this week.  Although I did not play any games during the week, I did manage to get in 2 games of X-Wing on Saturday and 2 games of Guild Ball on Sunday, those 4 games were very much needed for this week events.

I also managed to get some painting done with completing 2 models and started work on a 3rd.  Limited Edition 'Mataagi' for the Falconer's Guild and the new Captain 'Mourn' for the Mortician's Guild were completed this past week.

Now we move onto the biggest event of the year, AdeptiCon 2019, and I am so looking forward to attending this year.  AdeptiCon 2019 which is in it's 17th year, will actually be my 10th year attending.  I missed out on the very first AdeptiCon 2002, but started attending with 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2017 and 2018.  Between 2010-2017 I was living out west in Arizona so my son and I had attended some of the West Coast events like the Las Vegas Open and Privateer Press Lock & Load.  Since moving back to the Midwest, this is the cant miss event each year.

What a difference a year makes in this hobby.  Last year I was attending AdeptiCon and mainly playing in Warmachine/Hordes events, the previous year in 2017 it was Bolt Action, and now in 2019 it  is mainly Guild Ball with some X-Wing.

Wednesday is going to be our travel day, not that we are traveling that far (2 hours), but in order to get a hotel room onsite, I had to book the 4 night which runs Wednesday-Saturday nights.  We will probably leave mid-afternoon and get there right about check-in time for the hotel.  Get our bags all moved up to the room and then go out and get some dinner.  AdeptiCon badge check-in does not begin till 7:00 PM, so sometime after dinner we will start to wait in line.

Thursday is our shopping day in the morning, followed by the Guild Ball Early Bird Open at 3:00 PM.  The Early Bird Open was set at 16 players, but I hear they may open it up to more which will cause the event to go later into the night.  My goal for the event is to at least play 2 games and then we shall see what happens.  In regards to shopping, right now I have a fairly small list (mainly needed paints/supplies), but there is always something that catches my eye like a new game to get into.  There is a game that caught my attention last year, and I may have to take another look at it again this year (we shall see).  I am currently happy with what I am currently gaming (mainly Guild Ball and X-Wing) and I still have Arena Rex and a lot of Warmachine/ I have to finish models for MeSBG.

Friday is my day for X-Wing and the System Open Qualifier, this will actually be my very first X-Wing tournament.  With the System Open Qualifier once you acquire 2 losses you are eliminated, so I think it will be a fairly early day for me, that is ok, more time for shopping and demos.  For my son, it is his day to play in the Batman Miniature Games tournament, he does not get to play BMG that often (actually hardly ever) so he is really looking forward to this event and will be playing all the rounds until it finishes around 6:00 PM.

Saturday is the Guild Ball AdeptiCon Championships and both my son and I are playing.  Like on Thursday, depending on time we shall see how many rounds we will be playing in.  I think we can play 4 rounds and still make it to dinner at a pretty decent time, maybe even 5 rounds.  This is my main attraction for the weekend, so who knows, we may play all rounds and then go out for my birthday dinner.

Sunday was going to be a relaxing day with some last minute shopping before heading home, but at the last minute we added a small event called Chicago's Bootleggers and it is just a small skirmish game taking place during the Prohibition.

Stay tuned this week as I do some daily recaps from AdeptiCon 2019.


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