March 12, 2019

X-Wing: Mini Duels Tournament Tray

Since I have gotten back into X-Wing with the release of 2.0 back in September, I have been looking around for some compact tournament trays to hold our movement sticks and ships while moving tables in between rounds.

There were some European companies that had some very nice acrylic ones, but the ship trays were not yet updated to 2.0 (adding a medium sized ship), I noticed the same thing while looking for some made out of MDF here in the US.

Then last week I decided to take another look at Mini Duels (I knew that I had made MDF trays and are US based) and came across a compact X-Wing try that now had slots for medium sized ships and was exactly what I was looking for.  So I decided to go ahead and order 2 sets (one for me and one for my son) and was hoping it would be here in time for AdeptiCon.

Well shipping was quick and last Friday my trays arrived and I assembled/glued them that night.  Yesterday I decided to take some time and paint them up black like I did with my Guild Ball tray.

The trays are now complete and ready for AdeptiCon.


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