March 3, 2019

Battle Report: Guild Ball 3/3/2019 Butcher's vs Hunter's

Season 4.1 of Guild Ball started this past Friday March 1st and today my son and I just finished our first game with the new errata.

I decided to try out the new Captain for the Butcher's, 'Veteran Boar', and this was the first time my son was playing a nerfed 'Chaska' and slightly nerfed 'Seenah'.  I can say, I sure enjoyed only taking 4 damage from "Boombox" instead of the old 6.

The lineups that were played today were:

 V Boar
V Ox
V Gutter
V Minx

Butcher's started off with the Victory Points first by taking out 'Hearne' during Turn 1 for the early 2-0 lead.  Turn 2, Butcher's won initiative and elected to go first.  'V Boar' activated first and used his Legendary and charged 'Theron'.  Unfortunately 'V Boar' whiffed on an attack, so 'Theron' was still standing.  'Theron' then attacked back and did some damage on 'V Boar'.  Now the Butcher's were lined up for a Goal run.  'Shank' picked up the free ball and did a 4" towards 'Chaska' and getting within 'V Boar's' Legendary Aura.  'Shank' then did his free Charge against a damaged 'Chaska' gaining an additional 2" and proceeded to attack.  'Shank' managed to wrap and did Momentous 4 damage and a 3" Dodge towards the Goal, he then proceeded to take the Tap-In shot on Goal with Bonus Time and a Game Plan card for 4 dice needing 3's, 'Shank's scores with 3 successes making it 6-0 Butcher's.  'Seenah' was then able to get within melee of 'V Boar' and managed to do 21 damage on 3 attacks to Take Out 'V Boar'.  6-2 Butchers.  'V Ox' was then able to Taken Out 'Chaska' for a 8-2 Butcher's lead, but the clock then expired on the Butcher's surrendering a VP, 8-3 Butchers.  'V Gutter' was able to charge into 'V Minx', 'Princess' was also able to engage 'V Minx' and then 'Boiler' was able to do an Axe Throw on 'Theron' for a Taken Out and then attack 'V Minx' and finish her off for a Butcher's WIN, with 1:00 minute left on my Bonus Time.

Final score, Butcher's 12, Hunter's 6.

If I did not score the Goal, I would have lost on the clock, but this was still practice with the first time playing the new Captain.  I still like having 'Ox's' aura as a Captain, but the damage from 'V Boar' is really nice.

It will be a tough decision which 2 Captains will make my roster.


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