March 3, 2019

Daily Chronicle: "NOVA Open 2019" Registration Is Open

This past Friday night at 8:00 PM EST, registration has opened for the 10th Anniversary of the NOVA Open on August 29th - September 1st 2019.

You can register for the convention by visiting the NOVA Open Store.

Last year my son and I attended and played in some of the Warmachine/Hordes events (Team Tournament / Breakfastmachine) and then also played some open gaming.  This year, the plan is to play in 3 different gaming events.

NOVA Open is host to one of the largest Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game events of the year, the Lord of the Rings GT and the Doubles event.  We wont be playing in the GT (a 2 day event), but my son and I will team up for the Doubles event on Friday.  Seeing how we do not play the game much, it will just be for a fun time to play on all the beautiful themed tables that the NOVA Open displays.

On Saturday, we are signed up for the X-Wing Grand Championship Heat 2, where the top 32 players of the day will move on to Sunday's final event, more than likely it will not be us, but it will be nice to play in another X-Wing event after AdeptiCon.

Saturday night we are signed up for the Steamforged Games Panel, it says that Matt and Richard from SFB will be there themselves for the panel (this also leads me to believe that there will be no SteamCon USA this year).

Finally on Sunday, we are signed up for a small 8 Player Guild Ball Regional Cup Tournament, it will be nice to play in a small event just before we hit the road, and just in case we make the X-Wing Finals, we wont feel so bad dropping out of a small event.

Get over the NOVA Open Store and REGISTER today.


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