November 16, 2018

Battle Report: Guild Ball 11/15/2018 3v3 Fisherman's vs Alchemist's

I wanted to play something quick last and was debating between Arena Rex and X-Wing, and then I decided to ask my son if he wanted to play a little 3v3 of Guild Ball to 8 using scoring Guilds we have not yet tried in Season 4.  He was good with that so it was a quick game of Guild Ball.

Setting up the Pitch for 3v3.  Usually it is on a 2'x2', but I heard it is better on 2'x3'.

V Siren

V Katalyst

The Guilds are lined up and ready for Kick-Off!

I decided to kick off with 'Angel' since she has a Momentous Tackle on 1 in case I wanted to go for a first Turn Goal.  'Venin' picked up the ball and made a Pass to 'Midas' and 'Midas' then Dodged 4".  'Shark' activated next and moved up a bit and gave Quick Foot to 'Angel'.  'Midas' then activated next and went for a run at the Goal, when he got within range, he realized oh oh, no Momentum and kicked the ball away instead.  'V Siren' then jogged towards the ball and played Fair Wind to place the ball near her and picked up the ball, she then proceeded with a successful Pass to 'Angel' who then Dodged 4".  'V Katalayst' was up next and all he could do was Jog this turn and tried to protect the Goal.  'Angel' then activated and Jogged towards 'V Katalyst' and attacked with a Momentous Push/Dodge and then took a shot on Goal needing 3's and she was successful, 4-0 Fisherman.

The ball was then Goal Kicked and Turn 1 was over.  I was able to go first being up on Momentum and Game Plan cards and set up the Fishmerman for another goal run.  'Shark' Jogged towards the ball and then Passed it to 'V Siren'.  'V Katalyst' jogged towards 'Angel' and attacked with 4 damage.  Now it was time to go for my goal.  'V Siren' Jogged towards 'V Katalyst' and did Dread Gaze Pushing him back 2" and Knocked Down, she then Passed to 'Angel' who then took a Snap Shot on Goal with 4 dice and she got 3 success's.  Fisherman win 8-0.

'Angel' with the Snap Shot.

It was a nice change of pace playing a team that can pass and score, but I still prefer my Butcher's Guild.


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