November 11, 2018

Guild Ball: Free Cities Draft Final Results

Yesterday marked the end of the Free Cities Draft, an ongoing world wide campaign for Guild Ball that ran for the last month and a half.  Basically when you played a game, you went online to report your game and vote for a new player for your Guild.  The more votes a Guild received, the higher in the drat order they will be.  I was actually excited for this campaign, and I was happy to record my results.  The form submission for this campaign was much easier than last years "Union in Chains" so it was great to partake in the event.

During the SteamCon UK Keynote last night, the final results were revealed:

Farmer's: Amber

 Alchemist's: Kami

 Butcher's: Layne

 Hunter's: Edge

 Mortician's: Gaffer

 Blacksmith's: Cutlass

 Mason's: Champ

 Fishermen: Knuckles

 Engineer's: Nomad

Brewer's: Flea

I was really excited my Butcher's Guild was managed to hold onto the 3rd pick of the draft.  We were closing in on the 2nd pick, but I guess we fell short.  What really shocked me was that the Butcher's ended up drafting 'Layne', who was my choice during the entire campaign, so I am thrilled.

My son's Hunter's Guild also made a late surge and move to 4th in the draft and selected his pick in 'Edge'.

Now I cannot wait till these models actually are released along with their rules.


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