November 26, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #47

It was a pretty decent week for me in terms of gaming and hobbying, nothing over the top but a good mix of both.

In gaming I was able to get in a game of Guild Ball on Monday an Wednesday night, then yesterday my son and I tried out our new Star Wars: Destiny starter sets.  I actually really enjoyed playing Destiny (I personally enjoyed it more than Magic the Gathering), I think having the dice in the game helps change it up a bit.

For hobbying/modeling, I was able to complete 3 models for the Mortician's Guild with 'Vileswarm'. 'Scalpel' and 'Veteran Hemlocke'.  Only 3 more models left for the Mortician's and their whole Guild will be completed.  Since I am rolling with the Mortician's, I will continue to work on them this week.

Gaming this week, I am not sure what is in the current pipeline.  I would like to get in another game of Destiny, and more than likely we will get in some more Guild Ball, I'd like to give 'Fillet' another shot for my Butcher's.

Models Completed: 3

Games Played: 3


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