November 13, 2018

Daily Chronicle: AdeptiCon 2019 Event Schedule Preview

One of the benefits of moving back to the Midwest a few years ago was the ability to drive to AdeptiCon each year, I've been to AdeptiCon in the beginning, a few events in the middle and 2019 will mark 3 years in a row again for me.

AdeptiCon is not until March 27th-31st, but every November before, registration for the events opens with as much information they can provide for the event (some other organizers need to take note...WMW).  Well this year is no different and registration will open this Sunday November 19th.  The good people who run AdeptiCon also give us a sneak peek at the list of events at least a week beforehand and this past weekend the site went live with the majority of their events.  You can click HERE for the event preview.

The day the preview site goes live is a happy day for most of us as we can start planning our AdetiCon weekend, sometimes there is a little disappointment if the events you want to play in overlap with each.

For AdeptiCon 2019, the list of events I was thinking about were; Arena Rex, Guild Ball, X-Wing, and possibly some Warmachine/Hordes.  My son is die hard set on playing Batman Miniature Game, and his choices may be limited to either working a booth at AdeptiCon or staying back and having to work at his store.  We are going to have to narrow down his schedule this week.

I told myself Arena Rex was going to be a must for me at AdeptiCon 2019, well with the release of the schedule, that game is looking pretty slim.  Season 4 of Guild Ball has gotten me excited for the game again and will be my main concentrated game in 2019 and the Guild Ball AdeptiCon Championships is the same day as the Arena Rex Open Championships.  Arena Rex does start a bit later in the day and I could drop out after 1-2 games of Guild Ball, but my plan is stay for all the rounds of Guild Ball.  Arena Rex is also offered on Thursday night with a 3v3v3 battle and another smaller tournament on Friday night.  Both of those overlap with other events we want to to do.  Thursday afternoon will be my son's only chance to play Guild Ball, so we will both be playing in the Early Bird Open and on Friday he will be playing all day in the Batman Miniature Game, and when it ends more than likely will not want to play Arena Rex for another 6 hours till midnight.  I could play Arena Rex on Friday night, but that leave no time with my son that day.  So like I said Arena Rex looks very slim in 2019.

That leaves me with Friday and Sunday to find events for.  On Friday I am leaning towards playing in the X-Wing System Open Qualifier, I have never played in a X-Wing tournament and will probably lose right away, but like with the new rule set for Guild Ball, X-Wing 2.0 has me liking the game a lot.  I think we'll give it a shot.

So now on Sunday...most of time I cut out early and head back home, but there is a game that ha peaked my interest a little bit.  Steamforged Games for the last year has been promoting a new game called Godtear, it will actually be released just after AdeptiCon.  They are running some smaller sized beginner/intro tournaments through out the weekend and this might be something I look into on Sunday before heading home.

You may be asking what about Warmachine/Hordes....I think for AdepiCon 2019 (and most of 2019), WMW will take a back burner for me (besides a few games here at home with my son).

I still have until Sunday to decide, but my AdeptiCon 2019 weekend is looking like:

Thursday: Guild Ball Early Bird Open 3:00 PM- 9:00 PM
Friday: X-Wing System Open Qualifier 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday: Guild Ball AdeptiCon Championships 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Sunday: Godtear Beginner's Draft Tournament 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Next Monday in my Weekly Chroncile, I will let you all what I decided on.


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