November 20, 2018

Battle Report: Guild Ball 11/19/2018 Butcher's vs Hunter's

It was another game last night of Butcher's vs Hunter's between my son and I.  My next Guild Ball tournament is in 18 days on December 8th, so I still need as much practice a possible.  I am actually planning on tomorrow night to take the trip up to Grand Rapids for their Wednesday Guild Ball night and get in another game.

For my Butcher' last night, I went with my non 'Brisket's list and was going for 0-6 game and winning on Taken Outs.

V Gutter
V Minx

The Hunter's kicked off to the Butcher's on my right side in the direction of 'Shank'.  'Shank' then sprinted towards the ball and back and did a Pass to 'Ox'.  'Ox' was neat an Obstruction and basically sat there all game doing his thing with his "The Owner".

I was also trying to play quick on the clock, and at one point I was actually up by 8 minutes, but on one of my Turns I took way to long with 'Shank' and 'Boar' and ate up most of my clock and the time was just about even now.  I built up a 10-4 lead and then my clock ran out (with my son only having 7 seconds left on his clock).  At the end of my Activation and his, the score was 11-5.  With only 2 health left on 'V Minx', 'V Gutter' went in for the Charge, just the Charge itself was enough to Take Out 'V Minx', but we attacked anyway for the Taken Out.  Butcher's win 12-5.

Butcher's 12 : Hunter's 5

One of the highlights for me was when 'V Gutter' did a Counter Attack on 'Seenah' and did a Push Push which now put 'Seenah' within 'Boar's' Charge range.  'Boar' went in for the Charge and did a Taken Out on 'Seenah'.


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