November 20, 2018

Guild Ball: Mortician's Guild 'Vileswarm'

Back in August of 2017, I came across a good deal on some pre-painted Mortician's Guild models (8 painted and an unpainted 'Scalpel') and then spent the next few day touching them up and re-basing them.  Since that time, nothing was done with them or even played with them.  I did manage though to purchase the rest of the models to complete the Guild.

I always like having a secondary Guild to my primary, and this year my primary are the Butcher's.  Last season I also like playing the Fisherman, but this season they no longer do any Momentous damage, so I think I will find a new secondary.  I do like the ability to actually play soccer (football) with my Guilds and not just kill the ball like I do with the Butcher's, but doing Taken Outs is also fun.  Since the Mortician's are in a really good spot for Season 4 and they can score Goals and do Taken Outs, I think they will make for a fun secondary Guild.

Since I only have 8 models completed out of the 14 in the Guild, it is time to get some done.  Up first we have one of their Mascots 'Vileswarm'.  In all honesty, I did not know what kind of Mascot 'Vileswarm' was until I glued it to the base, it is a pile of rats.  I am trying to match the painting style that was done on the original 8 models, but I do not think it will be replicated, but I think they still will look good on the Pitch.



Painting Points: 2


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