November 11, 2018

Battle Report: Guild Ball Recap "Season 4 Fort Wayne" Tournament

Yesterday my son and I drove down to Fort Wayne, IN and attended our first Guild Ball Tournament hosted at Power Nine Gaming by a very friendly SFG Pundit Eric B..  I knew going into the event I had no chance of winning the event, nor probably wining a game, when you play a game once every six months, you are basically still new at the game.  It was not until Season 4 launched in mid-October that my son and I started to get in some more games.

Usually I am pretty good at taking photos when I attend these events, but for some reason I truly forgot to take that many yesterday, hence only the 3 photos below.

We arrived on time yesterday to the event with no issues traveling (thankfully) and when we got inside my son and I quickly setup our Guilds to be ready for Round 1.  We were using our brand new Guild Ball Trays and majority of it setup the night before, so when we arrived all we had to do was to just place our models on the tray.  This tray made it quick and easy to setup, and it was great moving to different tables between rounds.

My Butcher's Guild

My son's Hunter's Guild

Game 1: Butcher's vs Blacksmith's (Derek S)

For this game I went with the lineup I have been most comfortable playing and that was Ox, Princess, Boiler, Boar, Shank and Veteran Gutter and it was a pretty close game.  Alloy was the All-Star for the Blacksmith's I believe with 3 Goals.  Shank had a Goal for the Butcher's and I managed 2 Taken Outs but lost 12-8 (one health point left on Alloy and it could have been 12-10).

Butcher's vs Blacksmith's

Game 2: Butcher's vs Alchemist's (Ty V)

After my first game with Derek, he mentioned I should give Tenderizer a try in my lineup, especially against Guilds that can score really well.  So I thought why not, I am hear today to learn from my games anyways.  So against the Alchemist's led by Smoke, my lineup was Ox, Princess, Boiler, Brisket, Veteran Gutter and Tenderizer.  They way this game played out, I think Brisket was not a wise choice and I should have played Boar instead.  Tenderizer did an OK job, but the best time I cukd have used him, 'Clone' was in effect so his Charge attack basically did not count.  I managed to take out Smoke (which is pretty hard to do) and I ended up losing 12-4.

Game 3: Butcher's vs Butcher's (Joe P)

There were 4 Butcher players in attendance out of 12 players that showed up, so a mirror match up was bound to happen for me.  Most people do not like mirror match ups, but I actually was kind of happy.  At the time Joe P was the 14th ranked Butcher player in the World and I was glad to be able to learn from him.  Our lineups were very similar, I ran Ox, Princess, Boiler, Shank, Veteran Gutter and Boar, the only difference with Joe's lineup was that he ran Tenderizer instead of Boar (and I got to see how to really run Tenderizer and protect Ox with him).  The beginning of this game was very close on both sides and the score was 4-4.  At that point Joe started healing his models and just barely keeping them alive each Turn which was hurting me (and Healing is something I need to get better at).  The score was 10-4 and then I clocked out, the next 2 Activation's scored Joe 2 more VP and he won 12-4.

I have to say, that all 3 of my opponents were great sportsmen, I made some mistakes and they were happy to correct me and I also caught a few mistakes and politely corrected my opponents.  Even though it is never fun going 0-3, all 3 games were actually pretty fun.

I am looking forward to possibly attending more events down there in the future.  My next planned event will be up in Grand Rapids, MI on December 8th, so I still have a few weeks of practice.

Here is the link to the final Longshanks standings.


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