November 22, 2018

Battle Report: Guild Ball 11/21/2018 Butcher's vs Engineer's

With being on Holiday today and vacation tomorrow, last night I decided to drive up to Grand Rapids for their weekly Guild Ball night and get a game in.  I have been acquaintances with the Pundit up there, but never played him in game before, so last night was our first meeting on the Pitch.  I was bringing my Butcher's Guild (same lineup as Monday night) and he was bringing the Engineer's.

V Gutter
V Velocity

It was a pretty close game but the clock eventually got to me and my Butcher's lost 12-9.  The Butcher's managed a 1 Goal, 2 Taken Outs and 1 Mascot Taken Out.  The Engineer's got 2 Goals, 1 Taken Out, 1 Mascot Taken Out and 1 from the clock.  I keep forgetting to heal myself and that is costing me big time.  I need to figure out a way to remember.  I wrote it on my hand the other night and still forgot.

The Engineer's 2 Goal Scorers were 'Salvo' and  'Colossus', which happened to be the same 2 players's I did Taken Outs on.  'Boar' charged into 'Colossus' and left him with 1, and then finished him off the next turn.  'V Gutter' was able to Take Out 'Salvo'.  My goal scorer was 'Shank', 4" Dodge and an 8" Charge with a Double Dodge result and then a shot on goal.


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