November 24, 2018

Battle Report: Guild Ball 11/23/2018 Mortician's vs Hunter's

Yesterday evening was the first time I was going to try my Mortician's Guild, not just in Season 4, but ever.  I really do love playing my Butcher's and enjoy their playstyle, but sometimes it is nice to score more often (yes, the Butcher's have 'Brisket', but I tend to go for the Take Outs with Butcher's).  So with the Mortician's last night, I decided to go with a mix of both, Goals and Taken Outs.  I probably could have added a little bit more scoring support, but it worked out pretty good.

V Hemlocke
V Minx

Hunter's vs Mortician's

The Hunter's kicked off to the Mortician's and I had 'Bonesaw' on my left flank hoping to go for a Turn 1 Goal.  The ball was kicked to my right, but not to far off.  'Ghast' actually Sprinted towards the ball and back a bit and did a successful Pass (risky on 1 dice) to 'Scalpel' who then spent the Momentum on a 4" Dodge.  'V Hemlocke' ended up using Midnight Offering on 'Bonesaw' for a free Jog.  'Scalpel' then was able to make a Pass to 'Bonesaw', I elected not to do a 4" Dodge since I needed to build up Momentum for a Goal run.  'Scalpel' then Jogged to 'Veteran Minx' and try to get some more Momentum and damage.  When it was time for 'Bonesaw', he did his free Jog over to the Fast Ground, then Sprinted towards the goal and took the shot....GGGGOOOOAAAALLLL. 4-0 Mortician's.

The ball was then kicked out to my far right where it sat there all the way till Turn 3.  During Turn 2, the Mortician's were able to do some damage.  'Scalpel' just about finished off 'Chaska', but we were saving him for a special finish.  When it was time, 'Casket' came into 'Chaska' and finished him off with Casket Time, a bonus +2 VP, 8-0.  Hunter's came back and did 2 Taken Outs on 'Casket' and 'Veteran Hemlocke' and it was now 8-4.

Top of Turn 3 and the Mortician's took the initiative.  I had 'Bonesaw' in a great place in front of my opponents goal and I knew I was bringing on 'Casket' and 'Veteran Hemlocke'.  With 'Chaska' in the casket, he was not coming back this Turn.  I knew what I wanted to do to get a 2nd goal, but I had to build Momentum first.  'Scalpel' went first and jogged into melee range with 'Veteran Minx' and just kept on attacking her.  With Voodoo Strings and Spirit Bomb, I made sure no one was close too 'Bonesaw' ('Theron' was the closest) and ended up getting a Taken Out on 'Veteran Minx', 10-4.  'Theron' then activated and tried Pinned on 'Bonesaw' and missed, he then elected to attack 'Scalpel'.  'Veteran Hemlocke' activated next and cut herself for a free Character Play and did Midnight Offering on herself for a free Jog towards the ball and retrieved it.  She then Sprinted towards 'Bonesaw' and did a successful Pass, instead of risking a Snap Shot, 'Bonesaw' did a 4" Dodge to get within Tap In range and out of all enemy charge ranges.  Hunter's could not to do much next activation and now it was time for 'Bonesaw' to win the game.  I paid the 1 Influence for Meditation (re-rolls), 1 Influence to Kick, 1 Momentum for Shot on Goal, and 1 more Momentum for Bonus Time (I was not taking any chances).  'Bonesaw' rolled 4 success's for the win.  12(14)-4 win for the Mortician's.

'Bonesaw' with the game wining goal.

I really do need a lot more play time with them, but I can see it being a nice change of pace from my Butcher's.


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