November 27, 2018

Guild Ball: Muse on Minis 'Navigator & Order Tokens'

This past Thursday night after my Thanksgiving dinner I went online to start my Black Friday shopping with Steamforged Games.  Once I was completed with SFG, I decided to head over to Muse on Minis to add a few more token sets to my collection since they were having a 20% off sale.

Since the Navigators will finally be shipping in a few weeks, it was a good time to prepare for them and purchase their set.  I also decided to purchase a set of the Order tokens, these were purchased more for a "just in case" I decide to give them a try every now and then.  When I purchased my Season 4 upgrade tokens  few weeks, I skipped out on upgrading my Union tokens (I should have added them to this order by I forgot), the reason I did not upgrade them before is that I honestly do not think I will be playing or trying the Union anytime soon.  The Order on the other hand may be a fun Guild to try out with their Captain 'Seasoned Brisket' and their awesome Mascot 'Pride' the lion.

Next thing I know on Friday I received an email that my order has been shipped, wow that was fast, and yesterday my package arrived.

 Navigators (left), Order (right).

 Navigator tokens.

 Navigator Influence (left) and Momentum (right) tokens.

Order Momentum (left) and Influence (right) tokens.


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