November 12, 2018

Battle Report: Guild Ball 11/11/2018 Butcher's vs Hunter's

After I watched the 2018 Guild Ball World Championships being broadcast from SteamCon UK yesterday, my son and I threw down for another Butcher's vs Hunter's practice game.  Seeing how these will be both of our core Guilds for Season 4, there will be a lot of these match ups on the blog.  I also do plan on playing with some of the other Guilds I own, and it may happen next game.

V Minx

This was another close one going back and forth and I made some mistakes with Tenderizer (it is the second time I am playing him).  My Butcher's did clock out but  was up 9-4 and I was able to get another Take Out on 'Veteran Minx' and then finish off the game with a Take Out on 'Snow' for a 12-8 win.  I wasted too much time "thinking" in he game.  A well placed Forest by the Hunter's in Turn 1 really got me churning the wheels in my brain trying to figure out a way around it, it just blocked too many charge lanes.  Later in the game being rushed on the clock and thinking 'Tenderizer' had an Influence, I moved him up and wanted to pass, then realized he had no Influence, this move then out him out of his ability to use Rush Keeper.  Playing with 'Tenderizer' is still going to take some practice, it is nice to have the extra Influence each Turn, but then it feels like I am playing a man/woman down for the game.  We'll see if he makes the lineup for the next game with the Butcher's.

'Shank' finishes off 'Snow' for the 12-8 win.


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