November 24, 2018

Guild Ball: All Rolled Up 'Dice Tray's

During SteamCon UK, Steamforged Games were displaying 20% off their website during the event.  I went ahead and made a small order for some Guild specific dice trays that are made by All Rolled Up.  I had just seen these the day before in person at the Ft. Wayne tournament, and thought that the size was perfect, not too big, not too small.

I was really hoping to find a Butcher's one for myself, but that was not the case, currently they do no make one for the Butcher's Guild.  I decided then to go with my second Guild and the Mortician's with 'Obulus', I figured why not go with 'Obulus', he is pulling all the strings in the Free Cities anyways.  For my son, I went with the Hunter's Guild with Theron as one of the images.

Luckily I did order these when I did, if I would have waited for the Black Friday sale, I probably would not have gotten any since they are sold out.

Yesterday when my son and I got back from a day trip in Chicago, I had a box on my doorstep from Steamforged trays are in...

We used them in our game last night and I really like them.  I like the fact that the edges are curved so that way you do not have any "cocked" dice.  Now the hard part is to remember and use them.


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