November 30, 2018

Battle Report: Guild Ball 11/29/2018 Butcher's vs Hunter's

Last night it was another night for my Butcher's, and the first time playing 'Fillet' in a long time (only tried her once in Season 4).  There was a great article written this past week on another blog about playing 'Fillet' and I thought I would giver her another shot.  My son and his Hunter's elected to try 'Skatha' one more time.  Just like me and 'Ox', my son's preferred Caption in 'Theron'.

V Ox
V Minx

The Hunter's kicked off to my Butcher's to my left side, 'Meathook' activated and went to retrieve the ball and elected to Pass it back to 'Fillet' but missed the Tap In Pass (with 3 dice) so the ball scattered to my right near 'Veteran Ox', the location was actually pretty good.  'Meathook' had also applied Tooled Up on 'Fillet' to help with her damage output.  The next move was a little unexpected, 'Skatha' decided to go for the ball and try a first turn Goal, the only problem was that 'Skatha' was inexperienced versus a Goalkeeper and 'Tenderizer' used his Rush Keeper and charged into 'Skatha' knocking her down.  After that attempt 'Princess' and 'Boiler' were able to Take Out 'Skatha'.  'Fillet' then was able to quite a bit of damage on 'Veteran Minx' but not enough to take her out, but the Bleed condition finished her.  'Seenah' came in on the end of turn to try and damage 'Fillet', but little was done and she healed herself from all the Bleed conditions around her.

Turn 2 'Fillet' worked on 'Seenah' and was able to take her out, 'Veteran Minx' was also gone again, 'Snow' was also gone, and 'Princess'/'Boiler' made work of 'Ulfr'.  It was now 11-0 Butcher's with 'Fillet' and 'Veteran Ox' standing near a damaged 'Skatha'.

Turn 3 Butcher's went first again.  'Fillet' was currently knocked down so we decided to activate 'Veteran Ox' first, I knew all I needed to do was 4 damage on 'Skatha' and the game would be over.  3 attacks and got exactly 4 damage (plus his 3 from Lash Out) and 'Skatha' was Taken Out and Butcher's win 12(13)-0

Trying to figure out how to get around 'Tenderizer' dampened the Hunter's.  My thoughts on 'Fillet' are still iffy.  There were times it felt she was not producing enough damage, especially without Bleed or Tooled Up, but I am still learning her.  If I remember to do the Character Play that causes Bleed on her first attack, I may be alright with her.

Veteran Ox finishes off Skatha.


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