October 12, 2018

Battle Report: Arena Rex 10/11/2018 Ludus Magnus vs Legio XIII

Played another 5v5 game of Arena Rex last night and this time I did not play with 'Nero', instead yesterday I quickly assembled 'Otho Mentulus' for my Ludus Magnus to make it a little bit more fair against my son.

We also played a new scenario called 'Duellum' where we both had to start with a gladiator in a 5" duel zone in the center of the arena.  No one else could enter the duel zone until one of the gladiators was killed or pushed out of the arena.  In the center of the arena, it was 'Septimus' for the Ludus Magnus and 'Aquila' for Legio XIII.

'Septimus' did quick work of pushing 'Aquila' out of the duel zone, but then he met his fate being pushed in a pit.  The same fate fell for 'Otho' who did not do much in this game.  Just about right from the start I was already down 2 gladiators.  The Ludus Magnus started to make comeback with the help of 'Micon' pushing and throwing Legio models into the pits, but my final 2 gladiators could not get me the victory.  It was a loss for the Ludus Magnus.

Scenario: Duellum
Two Gladiators take center stage while their cohorts jockey for position and favor.  The grand melee begins when one of the duelists falls.

Special Rules: Each player secretly selects one gladiator from their cohort to take part in the duel.  Dueling models may not voluntarily leave the duel zone.  No other models may enter the duel zone until one of the dueling gladiators is defeated or pushed completely outside of the zone.  Dueling models must be activated if they are Ready.

Deployment: A 5" diameter ring is placed at the center of the arena, this is the duel zone.  The dueling gladiators are deployed in base contact with one another at the center of the duel zone.  Remaining models deploy in base contact with their controlling player's arena edge.

Cohorts: Both players bring cohorts of equal value.

Restrictions: Each player must bring at least one gladiator.  Gladiators selected for the duel may not have more than one stage.

Victory Conditions: The last player with models remaining in the arena is the victor.

 The arena setup.

 The selected duelists in the center of the arena.

Down to Last Man Standing for each of the cohorts.


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