January 5, 2016

Hordes: Trollbloods Troll Whelps (Solo)

Well it has been 5 years since I first purchased a Trollbloods model till the time I actually painted some. I always wanted my Trollbloods to be painted in the 'Winter' (bluish) scheme and I was always afraid that my painting style would not look to good.
Seeing how I wanted a little break from painting green the last few weeks, yesterday I decided to finally start on some Trollbloods (plus I do not have my other 2 Gatormen Posse Units assembled yet). So I broke out my Troll Whelps to use them as a test bed with how I paint. They are a little bit too small to get a good idea on how I feel about them turning out, so I may have to paint a Warbeast to get a better idea.
As of right now, my feeling is that they are a bit on the greener side than the bluish side I was looking for. But for me they did not take long to paint (which is a plus side for me, I prefer playing with painted models over non-painted, even if it's just table top quality). Luckily at Privateer Press tournaments, there is no paint score.
Troll Whelps
Troll Whelps
Painting Points: 5


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