January 2, 2018

Hordes: Minions Dracodile (Gargantuan)

Ever since I got into collecting/playing Minions for Hordes, I always wanted a large Gargantuan for the army.  There was always rumors that one would come out and late last year Privateer Press finally confirmed the ‘Dracodile’ for Minions with a release date near the end of 2017.

Privateer Press did something different with this model and launched it under a new sister company called Black Anchor Heavy Industries, it a direct to customer sales model, much like Forgeworld for Games Workshop.  Black Anchor Heavy Industries is only going to be used for their larger sized models.

There was some delay in getting the model to arrive by Christmas, but mine showed up just before and I started the assembling of it after I opened it up for Christmas (I wanted a present from Santa).  My unboxing post can be found HERE.

After assembly it was time to actually paint the model and my plan was to stick with the rest of my scheme I use for Minions, so I knew it should not take too long, yet look really good on the table top.

I wanted to make this the first model displayed for 2018, so the last little finishing touch was applied yesterday on New Year’s Day.

Now I just have to find time and get in a game with him.




Painting Points: 25


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