August 14, 2017

Guild Ball: Welcome to the Mortician's Guild

Yes, it has been a long time since I last had a post (back in June).  I have been real busy taking care of a new puppy along with my usual Summer time blues.

I have not done too much gaming, I believe I got in one game of Guild Ball (currently my favorite game) and that is about it.  Modeling/Painting has also been slow, but hopefully with this post we can get the ball rolling again.

In case you are a newer reader, years and years ago a friend from Arizona wrote a blog post asking what type of gamer you are.  Gamer, Collector, Modeler and in what order.  I feel that in every game system I get involved in, I have always been a Collector/Modeler/Gamer in that order.  I love collecting armies, getting them painted, and then when time allows, get a game in.  That is what sort of hooked me into Guild Ball.  To play a game of Guild Ball all you need is a starting lineup of 6 models and there are currently a total of 9 Guilds with 2 more coming out very soon.  Then there is roughly about 10-14 models per Guild.  Some of the Guilds I have are in my oldest son's possesion, but I count them as part of 'our' collection (at this point I do not see a need to have duplicate Guilds).

Besides the 2 new Guilds coming out (Farmer's next week and Blacksmith's later this year) we were only short 1 Guild for our collection and that was the Mortician's.  Last week I can across a Mortician's Guild for sale on a Facebook Group for a reasonable price and they were painted (pretty decently too).  It included 8 painted models and an unpainted 'Scapel' model. I made the purchase and the models arrived a few days later.  After opening the box and looking over the model, you could tell this Guild was played with (that's alright) and needed some touching up.  I also prefer all my Guilds to have the same basing style (call me OCD).  So I spent the weekend cleaning up all the models and rebasing them.

This week I will be taking individual pictures of each of the models and posting them here.



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