September 22, 2018

X-Wing: Unboxing 'Lando's Millennium Falcon'

When we picked up the two X-Wings Starter Sets, I also had my son grab one of the X-Wing 2.0 expansions 'Lando's Millennium Falcon'.  With 2.0, I am trying to play more Scum & Villainy instead of Galactic Empire and I really like the Millennium Falcon, so a good way to get into S&V would be the 'Lando's Millennium Falcon'.  The reason for the change to S&V is I get to play good and evil (if you consider the Rebels good and the Empire evil).  Since majority of the time my son plays the Rebels (heaven forbid he touch the Empire) this will give me a nice change of pace.  I'll still occasionally through down the Empire as I still like a lot of their ships.

Besides all the Conversion Kits we purchased, 'Lando's Millennium Falcon' is the first expansion we have for X-Wing 2.0.


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