September 1, 2018

Daily Chronicle: NOVA Open 2018 Day 2 8/31/2018

Well Day 2 of the NOVA Open is completed.  Luckily it was not as tiring of a day as yesterday was.  Today was an open day for my son and I and we got to sleep in a bit before we headed down.  Once we finally made our way down we did a little bit more shopping before we started playing any games.  I picked up another gaming mat from Tablewar and went with a Grassy Green 4'x4' mat.  Tablewar did not have it there with them, but he is doing free shipping with that purchase.  Then I decided to pick up a few more Cryx models (2 Slayers) to go with the Cryx Mystery Box I received a few weeks ago.

Once we finally got our shopping done it was close to Noon and started to setup for a game of Batman Miniature Game, this was the first time I was giving BMG a try.  I was playing Banes older starter crew, and my son was playing with Batman and some QRT models.  The game took a long time to play as I was constantly looking back in the rulebook and trying to soak everything in.  Banes crew ended up winning (killing all the models) by the end of Turn 6.  I think I really need to be "sold more" on this game.  After a few more game under my belt and starting to memorize the rules, the game play should then be smoother.

After our BMG game, it was time to get in some Warmachine/Hordes 15 Point "Speedmachine" practice in.  I really wanted to get in more practice with 'Karchev' and today was a perfect for that.  I am really liking playing 'Karchev' in this list and this list did pretty well today winning both games.  I think I'll be ready for Sunday.

We then went out to one of the food trucks and grabbed a sandwich to bring up to our room for dinner and relaxed for a while.

Finally to close out the day, we sat in the Seminar for the Middle-earth Stratgy Battle Game and learned more about the future gaming of MeSBG.

After the Seminar we stood in line to purchase the new LoTR Army Profiles book along with the new starter set Pelennor Fields.  Adam Troke was standing there after check out and he autographed my copy.

It was a good day...

Time to wake up early tomorrow for Breakfastmachine.


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