September 12, 2018

Daily Chronicle: FLG Mats Grasslands 1 4x4

Back on my post for the NOVA Open recap, I had mentioned that I purchased a new 4x4 gaming mat from TableWar Designs while I was there.  Actually he did not have the mat in stock with him, so he offered me free shipping from his warehouse.   When I got back home, I received an email on the 5th that my item has shipped with a tracking number, awesome.  I was tracking it all week and the status was still just "shipping labeled created".  This past Monday I emailed TableWar to check on the status, it turns out they only had 1 mat left and it was damaged.  So I had then cancelled my order and was given a refund (it was going to be mid October before they received anymore).

I then went to the Frontline Gaming website and took a look at some of their mats.  I recently purchased a 3x3 for BMG from them not long ago and I knew they had a lot of choices to choose from.  I found one that was pretty close to the Grassy Green that I ordered from TableWar and placed my order with Frontline Gaming.  Let's hope there are no issues with this order.

Here is the mat I ordered from Frontline Gaming.


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