September 27, 2018

Guild Ball: Season 4 Player Card Deck Pre-Order

I know it has been pretty quiet for me in terms of Guild Ball (I have not played since AdeptiCon, nor painted any models) and that is somewhat due to my interest in other games and the fact Season 4 will be releasing next month.

A few weeks ago Steamforged Games announced that the new Season 4 rule book will only be made available digitally, and that the new cards will only be available for a limited amount of time.  Steamforged Games is pushing towards using an app to play the game, but I am old school and still prefer to have cards and a printed rule book.  I will have to make due with a digital rule book, but today I decided to do a pre-order of the Season 4 Player Card Deck.  It is available at the Steamforged Games web store while supplies last, and it should be shipping on October 13th (the weekend of SteamCon USA, which I cannot attend this year).  The cost of the cards are US $15.00 an shipping was an additional $5.00, not to bad.  I am honestly not sure how often we will play (never know I made decide to aggressively pick it back up again) but I wanted to have the cards just in case.


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