September 5, 2018

Daily Chronicle: Caught A Bug...Not The Hobby Bug

Ever since coming home from the NOVA Open, I have been feeling pretty sick, I must have caught a bug while at the convention.  I should have taken advantage more of the sanitize dispensers they had setup through out the convention.

To be honest, I also did catch a new hobby bug also, well actually it is an old bug revisited.  Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, now known as Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.  I started playing this game 10 years ago, and it has been a long time since I played last, I skipped over the Hobbit books when they came out.  While at the NOVA Open, my son and I sat in seminar by Adam Troke about the future of Middle-earth SBG, and the game started to give me an itch again to play.

Once the seminar was over, Games Workshop was able to sell the new rules manuals, army list book, and starter sets.  So we picked up a starter set box and army list book.  This past Monday night I broke out my old models and started to play around with some list ideas to see what I can come up with the models I already had, plus the models in the starter set.  I am actually in pretty decent shape.

Now the problem I have is, how do I fit all the games I have with the limited I have.  I still love the game play of Arena Rex and quite a few models left to finish for them, I have Warmachine/Hordes with a bunch of models and armies to finish, Batman Miniatures Game, and now Middle-earth SBG (let alone Guild Ball which I have not touched in awhile, and X-Wing 2.0 coming out next week).

I need to sit down and re-prioritize my games and model building so I can get through all the models.  Out of all the games listed above, I think Warmachine/Hordes has the greatest following in my surrounding area, but MeSBG may be picking up in the South Bend area soon.

I have a feeling it will come down to:
Arena Rex
Middle-earth SBG
X-Wing 2.0
Batman Miniatures Game
Guild Ball

Now I just need to come up with a gaming schedule and hobby schedule.


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