September 17, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #37

Another week has flown by and at least I did manage to get a few models completed last week ('Nero' for Arena Rex and 'The King of the Dead' for MeSBG) and a game of Arena Rex played on Saturday night.  My son and I were hoping to also try X-Wing 2.0 after our Arena Rex game, but the organizing of all the new 2.0 items is taking longer than expected.

This week we are hoping to get in some more games of Arena Rex with my friend TJ, and more than likely finally trying out X-Wing 2.0.  We'll see if time allows to get in another game of MeSBG.

Warmachine Weekend is approaching fast in early November, and to be honest, right now I am not to excited about it.  I think the main reason is the lack of information from the event organizers.  Their website has been offline all year, and with 45 days left till the start of the event, there still is no information.  A few weeks back I even posted on their Facebook page, with no response.  It would be nice to see what events are happening so I know what armies I want to bring with and play.  If it was not for their "no refund" policy, I think I would have asked for a refund.  I am still thinking about sending them an email asking for a refund for their lack of information.

I have too many games and not enough time, new TV shows are starting up next week and it is going to get even worse.

Also in early November, AdeptiCon will be releasing their events schedule (take note Warmachine Weekend) and I need to decide what I will be playing in 2019.  More than likely I will be giving Arena Rex a try at AdeptiCon, after that, I will need to see what fits in my schedule around Arena Rex, and what games are still interesting to me.  Who knows, it may be some MeSBG, X-Wing, or even Batman.

Models Completed: 2

Games Played: 1


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