September 1, 2018

Daily Chronicle: NOVA Open 2018 Day 3 9/1/2018

Today started bright and early at 7:00 AM with the "Breakfastmachine" Warmachine/Hordes Tournament.  "Breakfastmachine" was a 50 point, 1 list tournament and we were served coffee, donuts and danishes while we were playing our games.  Late last night I made a Warcaster change in my list and went back to 'Vlad 1' that I had played in the Team Tournament on Thursday, I felt I had a little more practice with 'Vlad 1' than 'Harkevich'.

Well, I fell that change helped me quite a bit today.  My first game was against Minions led by 'Jaga Jaga', I actually had never played against her before and it was the battle of "Signs & Portents".  I ended up clearing out most of his army (it was Beast heavy) and won by Assassination (and I was up Control Points 4-0) .

My second game was against Minions once again, but this one was led by 'Maelok' and 3 Units of 'Posse' and 2 'Wrastlers'.  This game was a bit tougher for me as the 'Posse' jammed me right away and was denying any Zones.  I did manage to break through the lines and made an Assassination attempt on 'Maelok' with a 'Juggernaut/, I did some damage and he transferred the rest to a 'Wrastler'.  My next turn I finished off both 'Wrastlers' so that he had nothing he can transfer damage too anymore, I then finshed off 'Maelok' with my 'Juggernaut'.  This game I was down on Control Points and was about to clock out, I played my last turn super fast to get the win.

My son ended up losing both of his games, he had a tough match up in game 1, and his game 2 looked more enjoyable and was winning the game, but could not beat the clock and lost the game.

At this point I was 2-0 and in the Top 4, but my son and I elected to drop out so we could spend a few hours actually visiting DC.  Being this close to DC, I did not want my son to regret not actually visiting it.  So we did the usual of visiting Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, WW2 Memorial and then spent a few hours walking through the Air & Space Museum.

Once we relaxed for a little bit, my son and I headed back downstairs for a few games of Arena Rex.  We played 1 game, which I lost again, then grabbed some pizza for a quick dinner.  After dinner we played another game and my Ludus Magnus finally got a win.  I then watched my son play TJ in a game, followed by the 3 of us playing 2 games of a 3v3v3 battle, which I lost both games.  But I did manage to get 4 games of Arena Rex in tonight.

Time to pack up and get ready for our last day tomorrow.


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