September 19, 2018

Daily Chronicle: Trying To Get Organized With X-Wing 2.0

Last Friday night I headed out to Kalamazoo to our semi-local game store to pick up our pre-order of X-Wing 2.0 conversion kits.  We had ordered 2 Rebel Alliance, 1 Galactic Empire and 1 Scum & Villainy conversion kits.  We also purchased 2 of the Starter Sets through mys sons work and now it was time to open them all up and start to get organized.

We started on Saturday night after our game of Arena Rex and hoping to get in a small game of 2.0.  Well I am still sorting through all the stuff and trying to get organized.  One hold back was a place to store all the cards.  All the cards are now full sized (besides the Damage Deck) and I did not have enough boxes to store them in so I had to wait for my son to go to work yesterday and pick up a 4 row 3200 count box.

The cards are all now organized and its time to move onto the ship cards, bases and dials.  For those I went and purchased some more Plano boxes for the ship cards and Sterilite boxes for the dials and they should all fit in them.  I went with one per faction.

Once I get all the dials and ship cards put away, I will move onto the tokens from the Starter Sets and those will go into their own box.  This is all for storage at home, I will have to try and find easy way to carry these items for when we play at a store, maybe a smaller box for the ship cards/dials that we will actually be playing with.  I cannot see carrying more than 7-8 dials and that is when playing with a Tie swarm.

My plan is to hopefully wrap up tonight while my son is at work and then tomorrow night we can finally get in a game of X-Wing 2.0.


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