September 10, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #36

Wow, I really did not get too much done last week.  For MeSBG, I did manage to assemble 20 'Warriors of the Dead' along with the 'King of the Dead'.  For Arena Rex, I did assemble 'Nero' for my Ludus Magnus.  Now I need to decide who I am going to paint first this week, I am leaning towards 'Nero', although he wont be completely done until I also finish his rider 'Septimus'.

Once 'Nero' is done, I think I will go ahead and paint the 'King of the Dead', I probably should start with a Warrior model a a test subject, but I know what colors I want to use, and he should come out pretty decent, he is dead after all.

For games played last week, just the one game of MeSBG this past Saturday, not sure how much we will play this week as I have a pretty busy work schedule this week, more than likely it will have to wait till Friday night or Saturday.

Models Completed: 0

Games Played: 1


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